This was a busy month, we went to a production of the Little Mermaid at the local rep theater.  We also went on a retreat focusing on the practice of sabbath, and I went to Indiana to visit family for Christmas.  The Retreat we took was a good way to center myself and step away from the hectic schedule that had been going on.  We learned self care techniques.  The days we were there was beautiful and perfect weather for hiking.  As the month went on we were invited to multiple Christmas parties by members of the church, which made me feel welcome in the church and part of the church family.  As I went to Indiana for Christmas I had some time to reflect on my year so far, and came to the conclusion that it has been a good, stretching year so far.  It was good to see my family again and be able to relax for a couple days before the New Year started.



During this month we went on a trip to Moore, Oklahoma. While there we worked with a group from John Calvin Presbytery, and a YAV from New York called Christian. During this trip we did a variety of tasks ranging from roofing a shed to painting a house. It was great working with this group of people, we had devotionals every night bringing our group closer together in a christian community. During this month we also went vegetarian. This was an interesting challenge for me, I have never gone vegetarian for more than a day. It was empowering that I could complete this challenge with the help of my community rallying behind me and supporting me.