Hey y’all I’m back!  Its been a long month, but a good month.  Its hard to believe its been 5 months already! The year is almost half way over! WOW!  So, at the beginning of January we celebrated my 26th birthday.  I am so thankful to have spent it with the wonderful family I have formed here in Little Rock.  They truly are an amazing group of young adults.  For  this month we decided to do another food challenge but with a twist. Instead of food we decided to go coffee free for a whole month! What were we thinking!?!? Through this challenge, it really showed how much of a dependence we had formed for coffee and how that effected our lives.  I think it shocked some of us how intense we desired coffee.  In the end we made it through with out dying, haha.

At this five month mark I look back on the time that has passed and the growth that has happened.  Thanks to the spiritual direction of my spiritual director I have been able to look at my spirituality from other perspectives.  I have also grown in my world view with those in poverty, and those experiencing homelessness.  I have always been aware of the issue that is homelessness, but it has always been at a safe distance where I didn’t have to make myself vulnerable.  Through various ministries I have been able to get vulnerable, and interact on a personal level with those who are experiencing homelessness. Really getting to see the issues first hand, has been heart changing!  I have also experienced life at its end, I have been working with Arkansas Hospice as a volunteer each week.  There were some beautiful moments and some sad moments.  If you ever want a reality check on life, go visit someone on hospice.  It will certainly change your viewpoint on life in a good way.


Well that was a quick glimpse into my life in January, hopefully you enjoyed it.  Ill be back in February!  Until then, may peace be with you!