Hey Y’all I’m back!

This has been a typical month with some twists, but what month doesn’t have its twists right?  While working in the Disaster Assistance Center we had to opportunity to test out a new camp idea, Birthday with a purpose!  Basically, its a birthday party for kids.  While there they make disaster kits for those in need, and go kayaking or fishing to finish the party.  It was a real cool idea that worked wonderfully, and the kids had a blast!


We also had some interesting maintenance issues where our water system went down, due to a tree root breaking a pipe underground.  While they were trying to locate the busted pipe we had to live on the other side of camp, in the retreat house.  One week later the pipe had not been found and we went on a wonderful retreat with college students on spiritual formation.  It was great to get with other students and discuss different spiritual practices.  When we got back to camp the water was still out, and a group moved into the retreat house.  So we moved into the ECO center, where we spent the next week until it was fixed.  Those two weeks were transformative in our intentional community.  It took us out of our normal routine and allowed us to look at our lives from a different perspective.


So like I said in the beginning its been a typical month with some twists.  Thanks for reading!  Just a heads up Im still a ways from reaching my fundraising goal and NEED your help!  So if you would be able to donate even just a little bit that would be AMAZING! God is doing incredible work in my life and I am thankful for your support!  Until next time, Peace and Love.