Beavers and Fires, A day in the life of Ferncliff.

It had been a particularly frustrating day, everything I had attempted to complete seemed take forever to complete. So in my frustration I stayed in my truck and listened to music, to calm me down. After a little while I decided it was time to head home, so off I went. As I was on my drive, I saw smoke in a place where there isn’t usually smoke. So I looked closer and found that Luke mountain had caught fire! So I called the fire department to alert them to the situation that was escalating quickly. When I pulled up the fire was spreading rapidly, and the fire department was nowhere to be seen. So I jumped in my truck and drove to the tool shed on the other side of camp, to pick up some rakes and shovels to fight the fire, or at least keep it from spreading further until the fire department showed up. When I got back to the fire, I pulled the tools out of my truck to go and work on the fire. As soon as I got to the fire you could hear the sirens of the fire trucks on their way. Soon after they pulled up, jumped out of the truck, and started to battle the flames as they swirled up the hillside. I was a little upset that I didn’t actually get a chance to fight the fire, but once I realized there was nothing left for me to do, and that the firefighters had everything handled I went back to my house to join my housemates for a well-disserved meal at an Italian restaurant, then went to a house of prayer for silent reflection. After a while at the prayer house, me and another one of my housemates left to go prepare a Maundy Thursday service. So what was once a frustrating day, had turned into an eventful but good evening.  It turns out that a beaver of all things had started the fire by knocking a tree into a power line. Silly beaver.


Once again I am still fundraising and can use as much support as possible! Hope all is well, ill be back soon!


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